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"To whom it may concern, I had the pleasure of working with Frederico and his team during our winter shipyard period of 2018/19 and again at the end of the season in 2019.
Anodizing Yachts have now been involved with many of our re-coating and re-plating projects in all departments (deck, engineering and interior). I should also say that some items have been returned with better quality finishes than their original ‘factory’ finish.
Some of the projects proved trickier than originally anticipated but all items were returned to the vessel on time and on budget. Where we were not 100% satisfied with the outcome of certain pieces, Anodizing Yachts took them away again to re-finish without complaint. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more detail at "
Nick Jckson, Afni
"We would be happy to, please let us know if this suits the purpose.
The engineering staff on SY Perseus 3 could not be happier with the powder coating from Anodizing Yachts. Not only was the RAL match perfect, but the pieces were well protected during transit and our engine room looks fantastic. All the pieces returned well before the due date and our budget met expectations. Thank you Anodizing Yachts!
I would still recommend that you come take some photos of the engine room after the boat goes into the water..."
John Stier
"Anodizing Yachts did a huge amount of work during our recent winter refit. They were originally contracted to manage the antifouling and to respray the mast and spreaders, but ended up being our 'go to' contractor for any paint or coating repair. Due to some considerable unforeseen hull repairs they also managed and executed an extensive re fairing project, as well as various deck and equipment re painting, including powder coating of hatch lids, floor panels and engine room components. They even re-chromed our fog horns. Everything was done to an extremely high standard and managed in thorough detail. I wouldn't hesitate to use AY for my next painting project."
Harry Blazeby
"To whom it may concern. We have been using Anodizing Yachts for powder coating and grooming, anodizing for two years for multiple items and found the quality outstanding. Items have always been finished on time and with a great finish. Powder coating was of a Top-Coat finish quality.

Kind regards,"
Maurice Kouprie
"We have worked closely Federico and his team on a number of different project on board, all work has been carried out in a fast and efficient manner we have been especially impressed with the plasticoatoing work that has been carried out.

Best Regards,"
Lewis Anderson
"Trabajar con el equipo de Anodizing Yachts ha sido un placer en general. En estos días me resulta muy difícil encontrar empresas que presten especial atención a los detalles, que se comprometan con la calidad del trabajo, que cumplan con las promesas en cuanto a horarios, presupuestos y un verdadero servicio al cliente que lo mantiene informado en cada paso. No hay sorpresas. Anodizing-Yachts es todo lo mencionado anteriormente con una actitud siempre positiva. ¡Gracias equipo por el buen trabajo realizado!"

Thomas Hazebroek